Live streaming your wedding? Really? To live stream a day like a wedding seemed almost alien a few years ago, now its becoming a must have. We have so many more connections and commitments these days, it makes sense to have options for the people who really want to be part of your big day, that just can’t.

Times are changing

Technology has become a huge part of our daily lives, remember when contactless payments came out? How many people said, “im not using that” now most of us have our card on our phone! It’s only a matter of time before streaming your wedding is standard operating procedure. In fact we would like to change the mindset from live-stream to live-share. This is why e-there have invested so much into being the first global wedding streaming platform. Offering options for every budget, with features that surpass the idea of just streaming some video.

The watching guests

When you live stream your wedding with e-there, your guests are made to feel part of the day. Guests are able to watch live, on any device, TV to smartphone. The watching wedding guests can also leave private video messages for the couple on their e-there page, making them interact and not just watch. All of your footage and videos are stored for you to keep forever.

What about after you’ve said “I do”

So you have live streamed your wedding? Your auntie in Australia watched you while sitting on her sofa, toasting you with a glass of bubbly. That’s it done then? With e-there, your journey is not over. Its the day after your wedding, what a whirlwind! The day has flown by, now what? How about watching your vows again? Thats right, you can watch your wedding again the very next day, or 20yrs from now with the kids. Most of the time couples will have to wait at least a month, sometimes 3. With e-there you can have your vows straight away and video messages from all your guests!

E-there are The Wedding Streaming Platform! Our mission is simple, make sure that you and everyone you love, can share that beautiful moment, together. We have even just released our new app for self streaming, we hope this means we can help millions of people worldwide, find out more here Brides Magazine

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