Special announcement for couples planning weddings during COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 pandemic forces thousands of event cancellations, global platform offers solution ‘e-there’ provides seamless platform for streaming weddings to guests anywhere in the world

Press Release

Birmingham, England — March 17, 2020 — When the founder of the startup “e-there” launched an innovative wedding streaming platform, his vision was to make millions of happy tears by providing a way for couples to include distant and shut-in family members in the joyous occasion. Now, as the coronavirus pandemic is forcing thousands of event cancellations and state lock-downs, the makers of e-there are stepping up to use the platform to help couples and communities through the global health crisis. “COVID-19 has put countless weddings in peril as people attempt to stop the rapid spread of this disease through social distancing,” said Mark West, founder of e-there. “Since our platform was designed to help people participate in events remotely, we wanted to present our solution as a way for people to continue with their weddings from anywhere in the world while on lock down.” 

How To Use Live Streaming

The e-there platform works by allowing an unlimited number of guests to attend a wedding through a private live stream. Couples can control the level of access to allow people who can’t be there to “e-there.” “We want to work to ensure that couples don’t have to postpone that special day,” West said. “With e-there, all their guests can participate remotely, stay safe, and flatten the curve when it comes to the spread of COVID-19.” While originally e-there helped venues offer high quality remote streaming of weddings, the company’s new self-stream app is now enabling anyone to access all the features of the product at a lower price.  The e-there platform offers a high-quality remote production at a lower cost, without the need to hire a professional videographer or rent expensive equipment. In addition to making live event streaming accessible to anyone, the platform also enables guests to record private “e-there moments” in a digital guestbook with video messages for the newlywed couple. In addition, the bride and groom can receive a copy of their vows recorded during the stream to watch and keep forever. “We created e-there to use technology for the right reasons: to bring people together when circumstance would not allow,” West said. “With social distancing being so critical at this point in time, we hope to play a part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 while allowing people to still experience the family events that are so important to them.” In addition to helping engaged couples planning their weddings during a global pandemic, e-there can also cater to venues hoping not to cancel booked weddings while also remaining compliant with global health organization guidelines to stop Coronavirus. 

Learn more at www.e-there.com. Follow the company on Facebook and Instagram at @e.there

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